My creative practice encompasses performance, installation, text, photography and film. Intersecting a poetic visual approach with often defunct and out-dated technologies, I am driven by a desire to understand, occupy and interrogate human/non-human relations, particularly our relationship with wider ecology, the plant kingdom and the classical elements.

Locating my body as a site of knowing and knowledge, I place myself in direct physical relationship with the natural, material and technological, repeatedly pushing for new understanding and experience via dialogue and encounter. Previous works include filming my attempts to stay connected to the cycles of the moon between bus stops in London; initiating spontaneous one-to-one connections concerning our complex relationship with fire through a crudely constructed indoor campfire; and submerging photographs in the sea to creatively collaborate with the unconscious mind of the worlds’ oceans. 

This persistent quest to connect with the natural world, body, site, technology and materials embraces absurdity, longing, humour, autobiography, vulnerability and failure, revealing my repetitive attempts to climb inside both personal and social mythologies. By performing my desire to dialogue and merge I hope to transcend the gaps between my body and the ‘other’ body (human/animal/element/technology/object /landscape) that I meet.

Growing up a hippie amidst the low hum of 1980’s mainstream Kent, I was introduced to the natural world as a site of interconnectedness and vitality. Embedded within my early gaze were notions of mutuality, sensitivity and equality, alongside possibilities for open dialogue between human vs non-human existence. Having since lived and worked globally amongst numerous marginalised cultures and communities I am compelled to contribute to the development of an ecological ethic of care.

My most recent body of work Odes (part of a larger quest), is a series of performance-installations which desire to honour the imagination of matter and the potent agency and symbolism of the classical elements. Considering our increasingly mediated relationship with the natural world and ongoing abuse of the earth, the works look to each element, the body and psyche for insights in overcoming the symptoms of contemporary metabolic rift. Wider influences on my practice include science fiction literature, shamanism, phenomenology, psychology, poetry, eco-feminisms and innovations within contemporary spirituality.

I have performed for Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, North Carolina, and Creative Time, New York, and completed art residencies in Cornwall, UK; Australia and USA. Exhibitions include East Wing Biennial, The Courtauld Institute of Art; New Approaches to Photography, Four Corners Film; Photofusion, London; Fast forward Women in Photography, UK; Fotofilmic, Canada and Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand. With a Bachelor in Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from University of the Arts, I am currently studying MFA in Fine Art (Media) at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK.