My creative practice encompasses photography, film, text, performance and installation. Combining analogue photographic processes and defunct/out-dated technologies with word, gesture and autobiography, my approaches are driven by a desire to occupy, interrogate and understand human-nature relations. Placing my body into direct physical relationship I provoke dialogue and encounter with the natural, material and technological, pushing sunlight, moonlight, fire, ocean and machine to interact with the work. I attempt to challenge current notions of photographic and ecological identity, stability and representation, deliberately referencing literature, painting, drawing and performance art histories. Previous works include filming my attempts to stay connected to the cycles of the moon between bus stops in London; initiating spontaneous one-to-one encounters concerning our complex relationship with fire through a crudely constructed indoor campfire; and submerging photographs in the sea to creatively collaborate with the unconscious mind of the worlds’ oceans. 

This persistent quest to connect with the natural world, body, site, technology and materials embraces absurdity, humour, vulnerability, ritual and failure, revealing my attempts to climb inside both personal and social mythologies. By performing my desire to dialogue and merge with these other ‘bodies’ I hope to transcend the gap between my body and the ‘other’ body (human/ animal/ element/ technology/ object /landscape) I encounter.

I am currently devising a series of performances, Odes (part of a larger quest), which desire to honour the imagination of matter and the potent agency and symbolism of the classical elements. Considering our increasingly mediated relationship with nature, and ongoing abuse of the earth, the works look to each element, the body and psyche for insights in overcoming the symptoms of contemporary metabolic rift. Engaging with fire, water and earth thus far have utilised method and enquiry to further expand my lexicon of consciousness and understanding of the breadth of its locatedness. Such actions also attempt to collapse hierarchies of human vs non-human perception and further, contribute to a more considered ethics of care. The next elements of air (mental abilities; communication; molecules; meterologies; flying) and plant (consciousness; possession; dialogue; relations) are currently in creative development. Wider influences include sci-fi, shamanism, phenomenology, psychology, poetry, radical anthropology, eco-feminisms and innovations within contemporary spirituality

I have performed for Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, North Carolina, and Creative Time, New York, and completed art residencies in Australia and USA. Exhibitions include East Wing Biennial, The Courtauld Institute of Art; New Approaches to Photography, Four Corners Film; Photofusion, London; Fast forward Women in Photography, UK; Fotofilmic, Canada and Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand. With a Bachelor in Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from University of the Arts, I am currently studying MFA in Fine Art (Media) at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (due to complete June 2019.)

The body keeps the score