My practice encompasses photography, installation and performance, working predominately with analogue photographic processes including cameraless photography, light sensitive materials, 35mm, 120mm and sunprint paper (originally intended for use by children.) These performative processes echo early nineteenth-century photographic practices and are driven by a desire to interrogate and penetrate the essential alchemical potential of the photograph.

I propel myself into experiential performances which place my body into direct physical relationship forcing encounter and dialogue with the natural and the material, pushing sunlight, moonlight, fire, and ocean to interact with the work. I attempt to challenge notions of photographic stability, reproduction and representation, deliberately referencing painting, drawing and performance art histories.

Previous works have included converting nature into my darkroom as I make large light sensitive works outdoors;  concocting false moons in the daytime from a found glass lens; filming my attempts to stay connected to the cycles of nature between bus stops in London and submerging sunprints in seawater to enter into creative collaboration with the ocean.

This absurd quest to connect with site or context embraces ritual and ceremony, repetition, obsession and failure, revealing my attempts to understand, climb inside and occupy significant spaces, journeys, personal and universal mythologies. The resultant works engage the viewer as witness, with each work embodying and documenting a performance or encounter, a moment in time and a simultaneous presence and absence.

The body keeps the score